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FLASHBACK: An Afternoon with Netuba

During a crowded Business Afternoon with NETUBA, at the residence of the Turkish H.E. Ambassador Sadik Arslan, hosted and attended by the Ambassador, members and partners of NETUBA, high level representatives of the Dutch and Turkish business environment had the opportunity to meet interesting business representatives from the Government as well as influencial indivuiduals from the business community.The event started off successfully as many businessmen and women were actively connecting and mingling to broaden their network. The NETUBA and HOTIAD board were present as well, showing their dedication to the importance of Dutch and Turkish relations.
The Turkish ambassador was received with an ovation and soon after he held a speech in which he stressed the importance of the Turkish Dutch relationship.Bastiaan van der Knaap, the chairman of NETUBA, expressed his gratitude and thanked everyone for their presence and stressed the importance of trade and business between Turkey and the Netherlands. The Hotiad chairman Hikmet Gurcuoglu stressed the importance of young entrepreneurial talent and how they should be assisted.
Both chairmen of NETUBA and Hotiad spoke about a potential partnership between the two organisations and that they were still negotiating. As a sign of NETUBA’s gratitude the ambassador was presented with a gift.The event was a great success, allowing many parties to meet each other to aid them in their own field, as well as introducing them to the opportunities provided by NETUBA, such as the Business Directory.
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