Netherlands Turkey Business Association (NETUBA), founded in 1993, is a neutral, independent and
non-profit business platform. NETUBA’s official appointed counterpart in Turkey is Foreign Economic
Relations Board (DEİK). NETUBA effectively stimulates bilateral trade and investment between
Turkey and The Netherlands.

For many years, NETUBA has put a lot of effort on creating awareness of investments opportunities
in Turkey and vice versa. NETUBA indicates business & investment and acts as connecting party.
Furthermore NETUBA offers assistance on market entry strategies to companies in The Netherlands,
Turkey and surrounding countries:

  • Turkey, gateway to (North) Africa, Balkan, Caucasus, Near East
  • Netherlands, gateway to Europe
  • NETUBA, gateway to sustainable business

As a result of it’s growing network, NETUBA is connected worldwide to international orientated large
medium and small enterprises in all sectors, branche organisations, investment agencies, innovation
centers, universities and (non) governmental organisations. The result is a highly effective network
with many companies and associated organisations. Most NETUBA members have an international
approach, they are active in many other countries.